Coming into this project it seems to me that there are certain logical categories of information that metadata is grouped in.  Initially I had seven categories (* below) but there are three others (4/28/15) I can think of and I decided to consolidate two in Qualities:

  • Metadata - this is metadata about this record not the methodology itself, version, publisher, date, etc...
  • Description* - general information
  • Infrastructure - who is responsible for the analysis and their roles, where the analysis was developed/validated etc. (added 01/12/15)
  • Analyte(s)* - identifiers and info about speciation, phase/fraction, state
  • Materials - chemicals, glassware and supplies that are important to the analysis process [new 03-09-15]
  • Sample(s)* - normally only one, what it is, where it came from, location if appropriate
  • SamplePrep* - important info not overly detailed
  • Technique(s)* - normally only one, instrumental/wet chemical, major characteristics (changed from Instrumental)
  • Quality(ies)
    • Metrics* - common analytical metrics that describe an analysis (moved 02/17/15)
    • Statistics - statistical and chemometric tests run on data from the analysis (added 02/17/15)
    • Validation* - how the method was validated, SRMs, spiked samples, QC data etc (moved 02/17/15)
    • Example data - new category with calibration curves, chromatograms, spectra, peak tables (added 02/17/15)
  • Concepts - standard vocabulary terms for concepts in chemical analysis (placeholder only) (01/27/15)
  • Bibliography* - references to procedures/papers (removed - a citation can be added in the description)

Although this may look like a lot of information, in most (if not all) cases are going to use only a small submit of the fields, and even fewer will be 'required'.  It is important here to try and capture all the information users might need/want.

Vote on what you think is the most important analytical metric below.  The votes cast here will be taken into about in the development of ChAMP so choose wisely... (If you think there is an option missing please post on the forum and and tag it with "Metric Poll")

Here is the development schedule for ChAMP as seen at the end of the project.

Still to do over the summer/fall of 2015

  • AnIML Extension for ChAMP
  • Analytical vocabulary (through a collaboration with IUPAC Analytical this will be developed by the end of 2015 I hope)
  • Converter from ChAMP XML to RDF (using XSLT)

This page serves as the central point for different aspects of the development of the ChAMP project, and reflects current status and "to do" items.  In order to make progress manageable activities have been separated into task.  If you would like to help with any of the following please contact us.

Ontology Development

The Chemical Analysis Ontology (CAO) is now available (draft updated - 4/29/15)

Vocabulary Development

Fields that are likely to need controlled vocabularies

Metadata Structure Development

A draft of the structure is here (4/28/15)

Metadata Category Definitions

Metadata about a chemical analysis can be sectioned into logical parts such as...

Guideline Documents

Example Standards Using ChAMP